Suicide Commando Squad

Who we are...

We are an international gaming clan founded  and running since 2001. Our goal is to have cheat free, drama free, family oriented servers and forms. We value fair play, respect, and fun!


Our membership does not discriminate as to sex, age, race, etc.

And we have a wide range of diversity and talents.


Our ethics are cheat-free, abuse free game play for relaxation and entertainment. To this end we police our servers to the best of our abilities.


At the moment COD4 is our main game and we have our own Tactical Hardcore server as well as a match server. Check out the server LINK for more info.


Come join us on the server!!!

Our History...

SCS was founded February 10th, 2001 by Hammer and has been running continuously since.


Multinational in makeup the premise of the clan is a no rank, drama free, family oriented group where the emphasis is on playing games and making friends. To this end the staff work as much as possible in the background leaving the members to concentrate on playing and socializing.


The clan started with one Mohaa objective server and soon picked up a match server for Canbase ladder events. We played Mohaa as our main game for a solid nine years.


As of 2010 we switched to COD4 as our main game. We have two servers, a Search & Destroy Tactical Hardcore and a match server.


Over the years we have participated on several competitive ladders, OGL & Clanbase, the TCC league and currently run our own internal ladder for members and clan friends.



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